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Hello world!

Wow, that’s cheesy.  I didn’t come up with that title, it was given to me.  I know, I can edit it.  But it kind of amuses me with it’s cheese-value, so I’m keeping it.  Anyway, to the point.

I have a lot of thoughts.  OMG!  What a novel idea!  I know, right?  But for some strange reason, I think everyone should read/hear/listen to me rant about my thoughts, and let’s face it, the micro blogging you can do with Twitter is just not long enough sometimes.  So here, I started a blog.

Basically, I’m going to write here some of my personal stories, of which I have loads (many more than a shit-load), some of the interesting stuff I find on the internet while I’m supposed to be working, thoughts on sports, life, and a variety of other things.  I also decided that I needed a place to keep me motivated to lose weight, so I’ll be writing about that, too.  Basically, anything that comes into my head will be written here.  Hope you all can follow along, and it doesn’t get too twisted for you.


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