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Ok, so here goes.

WordPress is harassing me to change my About Me page.  No!  You are like a debt collector!  NO!

Ok, but seriously, I’ll get to it.  And the constant reminders do help, because without them I would most definitely forget.

I’m sitting here at my desk, listening to teen-pop music on Pandora (Jessica Simpson? Mandy Moore?  Does it matter?), and my most recent drama is so stuck in my head that I’m finding it hard to work.  As some of you may know, since I moved into the new apartment, things have been going quite wrong.  I didn’t have a kitchen sink for 3 days.  My father fell through, yes through, my front steps.  My heat didn’t work for a bit.  Now, the kitchen sink works, and I have working, running water, but I can’t use the drain.  It’s just fucked up.  Sorry for the language (not that it will be the first or last time I ever say that word), but there is no other way to put it.  I walked into my apartment today, thinking I just had a slow draining kitchen sink, when in reality I had a NO-draning kitchen sink, and all the accumulated water in the sink had started to smell like vomit.  Now my hands smell like vomit, because I tried to unclog the drain with my hands, and I don’t own any rubber gloves.  I would rather my hands smell like cigarettes, to be quite honest.

The other issue with this drain thing is dishes.  I haven’t been able to do my dishes in weeks, which normally wouldn’t be much of a problem because I don’t use too many dishes anyway.  But I’ve been learning to cook, and thus making many more dirty dishes than normal.  They have been piling up in my kitchen now for a while, and they have started to smell as well.  Basically, stick your head in a pile of vomit, and you know what being in my kitchen is like.  Yes, that bad. 

I thought the drain in the tub didn’t work either, until I realized the only reason that drain was slow is because I shed like a persian cat.  So I’m in the process of doing my dishes in the tub.  It’s amazing what I can do from my desk at work, isn’t it?  I will, of course, give updates on the progress of the dishes in the tub (does Megan get to shower tonight?  will the house become unlivable due to the overwhelming vomit stench?).

Anyways, back to work.  Just 6 calls left and I get to smoke!  Whoooooooooo!!!

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