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Fail Whale!

Twitter is overloaded.  That sucks, guess I’ll have to waste my time on here instead.

The boss left for a meeting, so my level of work has just taken a nosedive.  When he isn’t sitting right behind me yelling at me to get on the phone, and sometimes even when he is, I don’t seem to be able to get anything done.  I lack motivation.  That and I’m too busy jamming to Mandy Moore.  Like, right now.

It’s amazing that this guy thinks I’m as awesome as he does.  Really?  The people before me must have been complete bums.  Because although I think I’m pretty fabulous in general, I’m really not that good at this job.  I smoke ridiculous amounts of cigarettes, don’t come in on time hardly ever, spend very minimal time on the phone, and yet I still have a job.  In fact, people are complimenting me on doing a good job.  Oooook.  That better be reflected in my paycheck at the end of the month. 

Right now, I have 40 calls total.  I can probably end the day with 80, or maybe more, but it will probably be more like 80.  I have to fit in my slacking off and my smoke breaks!  I have to call a bunch of renewal groups (they only pay me 1%, not too happy about having to spend my day making no money), or the boss man is going to be upset with me. 

Whatever, whoever reads this probably doesn’t care about the mundane details of my job.  Or they do, and that is sad, because that means he or she or they have less of a life than I do.

Why is it that I can’t get these stupid toothpicks or that stupid hat?!?!  I mean, really.  I’ve clicked on the trick or treat button like 8 million times now, and I keep getting these stupid penny pouches or dumbass masks that I don’t care about.  I’m talking about the Hollow’s End holiday in WoW, if anyone is lost.  That would mean that someone is reading this.   YAY!!!!!  That’s exciting.  Let me know if you are reading it.  Because then we can share tales of boredom, because the fact that you stumbled across my little corner of the interwebs, which as far as I know isn’t listed anywhere and no one knows about, means you are way more bored than I am.  It’s awesome, let’s talk.

This is me typing in stream of consciousness.  These really are the things I think about quite regularly.  That toothpick thing has been bugging me for days now.  It’s Wednesday (isn’t it?), and the holiday ends on Saturday.  What if I never get it?  I needs me a title, damnit!  GIVE ME MY TOOTHPICKS!!!!

I promise, sometimes this will be a bit easier to follow.  I need to iron out the random garbage that is in my brain, and then I can focus on actual topics instead of just word-vomit.


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