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Everyone I have dealt with today has been a ginormous ass to me! Why?!? First, it started with the non-english speaking woman who apparently didn’t know what hockey was, then later on I get the woman who thinks I don’t know what kind of company I’m calling. Yes, I know you are a copying and duplication company, I called you, and I did it on purpose! OMG what a fucking concept!

I want to give up. Say fuck it and stop dialing. Chalk it up to a bad day. *sigh* But I can’t do that. I need some sales, my numbers for this week have been severely lacking, whether due to my general apathy towards life right now or the fact that the economy is in the shitter, I don’t know. I just can’t seem to do my job, or care about doing my job.

In other, related, news, I did not get a job in Pittsburgh that I applied to. That’s perfectly fine with me. I just moved into my house and really don’t feel like dealing with that particular headache again for a while. Plus, that would make a 4th move in like 6 months, and that would be a bit much for anyone. Plus I really want to do well at this job before I move on, which is the reason I won’t be going to the Winter Meetings this year.

*sigh* FML


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