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Congratulations! You have reached the end of the internet!

God I’m bored. The internet is just not as amusing to me today as it normally is. And I can’t justify playing Woobies at my desk all day, especially when my boss has pointed out on several occasions that he can see my computer from where he sits.

So last night, I logged onto WoW, did some quests with my level 73 rogue, and logged over to my healy shaman in time for raid at 9pm. The World Series was on, and I was pooped, so I just wasn’t feeling the whole raid thing anyway. To make matter worse, we didn’t have enough people to do the scheduled 25 man run. So the officers got together in their little vent channel and decided we would do two 10 man Ony runs. AEFG<@$rg{v ! I hate that place, with the heat of a thousand suns. No, that's not quite enough. There are no words in the english language to express how much I hate that place. Maybe there are in the various African languages, I don't know. I could call that African woman that I spoke with a bit ago back and ask her, but I think she hates me enough already. Anyway, I was one of three healers assigned to Ony group one, meaning there was absolutely no way in hell I was getting out of running through that place. I made a request over vent that if it were even an option that we go there, that I be told before hand so I could decline the raid invite. I thought that was pretty reasonable. The response was, it is always an option if we don’t have enough on for a full 25 man. Le sigh.

So what did I do after that? I declined for all the 25 man raids in the near future. I had accepted the invites to most of them, with the exception of days when I know I will be working late at games or off at a football game, but I clicked through and changed all of them to declined status. If it’s always an option, I will never be an option.

Maybe I overreacted a bit. That’s what pure, blind hatred will do to a person.

Ok, so a google search of “hate pics” comes up with the absolute strangest things. Like this…


Ok, what?

But anyway, so I hate Ony. And I’ve made it clear to everyone in the guild that I hate it, and do not under any circumstances (for emblems, for ep, for gear) want to step foot in that place ever, ever again. But I don’t think I ever told them why. So on the off-chance that someone from the guild is reading this (I know someone is, I can see where the clicks to my blog come from), I will give them/you an explanation.

I love this song, and I’m ashamed. Party in the USA is just so fucking catchy, I can’t help it.

So, years ago I started my WoW journey. I started because, as closely as I can recall, I had mentioned to my ex that I liked to play The Sims and got addicted to video games (and other things) easily. So he got me hooked, and I’ve never looked back. He also treated me like shit back then, as did the guild that I was in, so those early days of my WoW life were not especially pleasant, and I would like to forget those days as completely as is possible.

Well, so far so good, until the fucks over at Blizzard decided that it would be a good idea to turn old content into new content and give everyone a reason to run the old raids again. While everyone in my guild seems to like that they did this, I would rather gouge my eyes out with a dull toothpick than relive any of those old instances/memories. I didn’t enjoy them then, I certainly don’t enjoy them now.

Besides that, I pay $15 a month to play this game. I shouldn’t have to pay $15 a month to do things I despise. That is my view on it. And hey listen, I’ll still be around at 9pm on raid nights. If they need a healer, and they can absolutely, with 100% certainty, guarantee me that they won’t do Ony, I’ll be more than happy to raid. I love raiding, I love these people that I raid with, it’s just that one place.

But yeah, don’t hate frogs.


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