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Drama Llama

Ok, so the printer/copier in the office doesn’t work well. Hasn’t since the day I moved into my so-called cubicle. It jams in strange places, the feeder doesn’t work, it often doesn’t print on both sides when you tell it to, and so on and so forth. We all know this piece of machinery is tempermental, we all know that sometimes all it takes is a bit of finesse, and we all have learned to deal with it. All of us except one.

I came in at 9 (ok, 9:15), and I’ve been here for an hour and 15 minutes. 45 of that has been spent listening to my one coworker slam papers, yell at the copier, bitch about the copier, whine and cry at another coworker that she needs help… you get the picture. Fucking deal with it already, it has happened to all of us, and you are no more important than I am. Just because you deal with the media doesn’t make you queen of the office, and it doesn’t give you the right to disrupt the rest of the office just because you are in a shit mood. If only I could write a transcript of what she said, minute by minute, you could see how ridiculous this is. Go to fucking Staples if it bothers you so badly.

Ok, so it is a game day, so I understand this is a bad time to have the copier fuck up. But could we all learn to bitch a bit less? Kthxbai.



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