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Various thoughts on the weekend

I can’t take weekends off (from blogging) anymore. Too much has happened that I want to blog about, and I can’t write in coherant sentences because my head is moving faster than my fingers. So here is an outline of things that I want to blog about before anything else happens.

*Yankees win Game 4 of the World Series to go up 3 to 1 on the Phillies. A-Rod is again the hero, and I am one win away from having to spend the next few months watching reruns and the Arizona Fall League.

*I am a cranky old person. I don’t like giving candy to adults or children who trick or treat in regular street clothes.

*I am also a cranky healer, but I’ve discovered that I’m not alone.

*Given the choice between grocery shopping and sitting around on my ass all weekend leveling my rogue, I will choose the rogue over food every time.

*College football is teh awesome. Except Iowa. They suck at life and can die in a fire at any time.

Obviously this list is in no particular order. I will try to get to everything so I can rid my brain of the massive amount of clutter (making it feel a lot like my back room looks at the moment), but no promises that it will happen today.


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