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I am so sick of this crap

WoW blogging ahead: beware of the irritated healer.

Listen, I understand that the healers are very important to the raid. I get that. Part of the reason my shammy is resto is because I wanted to contribute. But you know what? Even healers get to have lives. I’m not talking game lives, I’m talking REAL LIVES. I wake up early every morning and go to work. My job, my LIFE depends on my ability to be a normal, functioning human being who is capable of being at least a little pleasant to coworkers and customers. So if I need to go to bed at 10:30st instead of staying for the whole raid, RESPECT THAT! You want to sit on your ass all day, sleep until 4 in the afternoon, and spend the productive hours of your day playing a video game? Great, lovely for you, I can respect that decision. However, I DON’T want to do those things! I have a life, a job, people who depend on me, and quite honestly sometimes I would rather take care of the REAL part of my life rather than the voices that live in my computer.

My guild leader Ori, lovely if sometimes naive person that she is, posted something about pressure on the forums. Basically what I got from it was, respect other’s choices. Wait, what? I’m 28, so maybe one of the older members of the guild, but isn’t this something we were supposed to have learned in like, kindergarten?

The issue that spawned this was something that happened last night. I’m exhausted, between the hockey schedule, the world series, college football games, and WoW, I’m just bone tired. Add into that the fact that I got new contacts yesterday, and I’m not completely adjusted to them yet so any significant time spent in front of the computer gives me a headache, and I was downright miserable yesterday. So at the begining of the raid I made it clear that I was not going to make it to the end, which is 11 server time and midnight my time. The raid leader gave me a bit of shit, but it was good-natured ribbing and nothing more. So off we go, start the raid, and I continued throughout the night to remind people that my eyes were hurting me and I was getting tired. No one said anything. 10:30 server rolls around, we kill a boss, and since I can’t keep my eyes open anymore I decide that it’s time for me to go. That’s when the pressure to stay started.

One of our warlocks said that he had gotten up before noon and only gotten 4 hours of sleep. My response was, “yeah, your point”? I really didn’t understand what that had to do with me. He responds that his point is that rest is for the weary, and I can sleep when I’m dead. One of our shammys says that he has been awake since such-and-such server time. Ya know what I say to those people? I DON’T GIVE A SHIT! I NEED sleep to function, and it’s great if you people don’t, but I AM NOT YOU!! Nor do I have ANY DESIRE to be like you. I don’t want to waste my day sleeping, I want to be a productive member of society. That is my choice, as much as it is your choice to be a completely obnoxious waste of space if you want.

This was the SAME DAY that the post was made on our forums about respecting other’s choices. The night before that post was made, I was told by one of the officers that if I was getting tired, I should let her know an hour before I needed to leave. Well, that would require me knowing that I was going to be tired an hour before I was actually tired. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to know such a thing, unless I’m psychic, which I am definitely not. A couple nights before that I was told by the same officer that like it or not, I would have to raid Ony in order to help the guild out. Ok, fine, I’m all for helping the guild, but for real? I pay $15 a month to play this game. You people want to tell me what to do while I’m playing? Fine, give me your credit card number and I will be more than happy to use it to pay for my play-time. Then you can order me around like the little servant it seems you want. Until then, I will decide how I play. If it means I’m no longer in this guild, so fucking be it, because I have about had it with you people.

This guild is not in any way the one I joined. We lost our off-week, the last refuge I had in retaining my sanity. We seem to be actively recruiting the most obnoxious, immature children on the server. There is almost no focus on the goal of progression left. I have had /gquit typed into the chat window so many times in the last week, with my finger on the “enter” button, only to have that little voice in my head tell me to take a step back, go to bed, sleep it off, and start fresh the next day. Next time, that little voice can go to hell.

Some of my other issues:

“I need heals”
The only sure-fire way to make sure I don’t heal you. What, do you think I’m not paying attention? What else would I be doing? All I do during raids is watch little green health bars go up and down. I KNOW you need heals, you self-possesed prick. Did it ever enter your mind that I may actually be in the act of healing your demanding ass right then, but my heals have cast times? Reminding me how to do my job is a very, very easy way to make sure I am about as pissed off as I can be. And maybe, just maybe, the reason you need heals is because no one is healing you, because you are a fucking ass clown. Cut it out, and you will get heals.

The constant emotes
Emotes are fun. I will admit that. But they have their place and time, which is not while the raid is prepping for a boss fight. This pretty much only applies to the ever-growing younger set in our guild. I even got an add-on to block them, they are that fucking annoying.

Get a goddamn trivia channel, you fucking child.

And from now on, I’m going to do what I want. Until you all show me that you can respect the fact that I have chosen to be a productive human being and not waste my entire life on WoW, I will continue doing what I want. Of course, I’ll probably still do the dreaded Ony. But other than that, I’m leaving raids when I’m tired, and I’m not raiding when I don’t feel like it. I’m also going to start putting people on ignore again. It’s a nifty little feature that makes sure I stay sane and don’t go completely postal on you all. I have been forbidden from using it by the same officer who seems to want me to be her little WoW-bitch, but fuck it. You want to take away my dedicated title because I put some obnoxious little 15 year old on ignore? Have at it, the title means nothing anymore anyway.

This used to be a good place for me, a place where I could hang out and be myself, and not have to deal with too much stress. It feels more like a dictatorship now, with only certain people being targeted. It is definitely not somewhere I feel comfortable, not even comfortable enough to speak my mind, which is something I usually have no trouble doing. Fuck it, I’ll speak my mind here. And if the people who I’m writing this about read it, KNOW THAT IF IT SOUNDS LIKE I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU, I AM.


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