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Still angry

The more I re-read my blog or read the guild forums the angrier I get. And I’m not even home, I’m at work! This is something that DEFINITELY should not be intruding into my work life, ffs!

There is a guy in the guild, a druid, who has received just about every single leatherworking pattern that has dropped. He rolls need on stuff for his off-spec (which as far as I knew was forbidden, but hey, I’ve been wrong before), and the excuse given is it’s his EP, he can spend it how he wants. He was made assistant raid leader a while back, and since then has acted like he is God’s Gift to all raids and has this snotty, stuck up attitude. He knows all, don’t dare question him unless you want him to bite your head off in response.

Well, it was really the first thing that was the problem, the patterns thing. It cause a bunch of friction with the other leatherworkers, who felt they should have the opportunity to roll on those patterns. I have to say I agree with him on that, but maybe it’s because I’ve grown to dislike this particular druid very much and don’t think he should get to act the way he does and still get all the stuff he does. Maybe it’s because I can see the same thing happening to me if something drops that I want. This guy (he’s a warrior) and I are a lot alike, in that we both speak our minds with regularity, so I feel a kind of kinship with him.

The warrior went out and bought all the patterns he wanted, spending massive amounts of gold to get what he should have had the opportunity to get through raiding. It’s awesome that he had enough gold to buy them, not so awesome that they were given to this one druid over everyone else in the guild so he felt he had no choice BUT to buy them.

Now, the guild wants his input on how to make the system better. WHAT?!? What they were basically saying to him is, fuck you warrior, this druid is way more important than you are so we are going to give him all the patterns, if you don’t like it, too damn bad. And now they want him to help them make it better? Are you kidding me? He said he doesn’t want any part of working it out, and I honestly can’t blame him at all.

Basically, this seems to be the new prevailing attitude in this guild. It seems that certain people get far and above the treatment that they deserve, and the rest of us are told “hey, that’s the way it is, deal with it or leave”. This is not the Imposs that I loved. This is not home.


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