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It’s done

Well, I’ve left the guild. I thought I had a pretty good deal worked out with the officers that if I needed to leave at 11pm, I could, but if I felt like I could stay I could do that as well. It turns out that either I misunderstood, or the rest of the officers (sans the one who I originally made the agreement with) misunderstood my explanation of it, and I was going to be pressured either way. Instead of being pressured to stay in raid, I would now be pressured to leave. I was trying to reduce my overall stress level (pretty high right now), and decrease the amount of pressure on myself (both internally and externally), not change from one pressure to another. So I bounced. I regretted it almost immediately, but oh well, nothing I can do about that now. So, I’ve become a pet collector.

I have 47 so far, with 3 more coming before the night is over. I was wandering around this morning looking for the rare spawns, and killing whelps while I looked, and I found not one but TWO of the rares I was looking for. WOOT! And my hatchlings are so cute!! So I believe I have one rare left to kill, and then I’ll just have to kill massive amounts of mobs in order to get the other pets. Tonight though I’m going to work on the quest reward pets, and probably do a bit of fishing in between to get the giant sewer rat pet.

So yeah, my life has been reduced to this. Lol.


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