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Fuck lawyers and bill collectors

Those two groups of people are linked together in this post, for the simple reason that I can’t decide who keeps calling me. I know it’s an automated recording, and it’s a man, but they don’t give me any other information so I really don’t know what to think of it. But I am fairly certain that it is one of those two things.

“WE HAVE AN IMPORTANT MATTER THAT NEEDS YOUR ATTENTION IN OUR OFFICE”. Twice a day. Every time, the matter which is so important needs my attention on Monday. Whether I get this call on Sunday, on Tuesday, or on Friday, it always needs to be addressed by Monday. And this man is ALWAYS screaming at me. WTF?! Now, I don’t owe anyone any money that I know of (except for the tuition bill, which is my father’s responsibility, and the credit card balance, which my mother pays on time), so really. Wtf. QUIT YELLING AT ME YOU STUPID STUPID MAN!!


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