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Well this sucks

It’s official. I miss the guild. Moreso, the guildies. I even miss the ones who just a couple posts ago I claimed to dislike. It’s amazing what a little time away will do, huh.

I spent the weekend in Michigan, to attend the Michigan State-Penn State game, which was by the way FABULOUS. Great weather, not too crowded, had a nice little group of Penn Staters surrounding us, and yeah, we won. The ride home was horrid, 4 people in a small SUV (one of them with pretty severe arthritis, one of them with a nosebleed, and one of them complaining about just about everything) is never a good time. But all in all, a good weekend. But I had this little pit in my stomach the whole time, thinking about the guild that I left pretty hastily.

I probably should have taken some time to think about it, like I had every other time. Probably should have spoken to the officer I had made the deal with before I decided to leave. Probably shouldn’t have freaked out, although I did it fairly privately and with minimal drama. But I didn’t, I just left. And since I remember the convo from a couple months ago (with the same officer as the deal-talk, oddly enough), I know I can’t go back. Which sucks more than I can describe, because at this point going back in the only thing I want to do. I can only farm pets for so long before I start to lose my mind (I got the rat, btw, working on the Thanksgiving pet and the whelplings now). I can only grind so many reps up to exalted before I go even more bat shit insane than I was before. And to be quite honest, I miss healing. I got invited into a VoA 25 man pug last night, by Imposs’ raid leader, and I jumped at it. After it was over he said he was glad I was willing to come in and heal, because he knew how much I didn’t like healing. It’s true, I really don’t like healing. I do it, or did anyway, because it was the easiest way I could help the guild. Now I have no guild, and what good am I?

I got invited to 2 guilds yesterday, but I said no to both of them. One because I didn’t have the foggiest idea of who they were, and the other was a big “hell no” because there is someone there who I absolutely do not ever want to raid with again. I’m sure they were both good guilds, but the other problem is I’m just not interested in getting to know a whole new group of people. I have made a home for myself at Imposs, and I think of most of these people as family. Still do, probably always will. I don’t want a new family, I want my old family back. It’s been less than a week, but if I could go back and change what I did, I would in a heartbeat. /sigh.


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