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What wonders…

I’ve pretty much spent my morning like I spend most mornings; browsing the internet in a not-so-covert kind of way, occasionally flipping back to my call sheet to make it look like I’m working. I am not always so impressed by the internet. Most of the fun stuff is stuff that I have already found, and I seem to have a sense of humor which is slightly off (re: I do not, on any level, find the sneezing panda video funny). But today I have struck gold.

I’ve been thinking about my ethnicity a lot lately, probably mostly due to this boy who I have mentioned previously. Well, if this ever happened to me, I’m not sure I could react in the way that this woman did. I give her props, having lived near my grandmother for a short time while I was in college, I know that being transplanted from the “slightly jewish” atmosphere that I grew up in to the “holy shit these people are really fucking jewish” that my grandmother lived in was a huge culture shock. My grandmother is a story for another blog, one that will be very long, so if I ever do decide to write about her be prepared.

So long story short, I’ve found not just one but two fabulous websites which will help keep me occupied from now on. The blogroll has been updated.

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