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Weight loss journal : day one

So I know I haven’t written in a while, but I decided to go back to the gym, and back on weight watchers and alli, hoping that the combo of those three things plus my medications will help me get back down to a reasonable weight by the NC trip. So, here goes…

Day One

*Treadmill: 30 minutes. 3 incline, 3.3 speed.
*Recumbant bike: 20 minutes. Level 5.
*Officiating a track meet: 2 hours.

1 cup instant coffee
1 tuna sandwich with light mayo
1.5 glasses lite blueberry juice
1 package Simply Asia microwave noodles
1 salad with no-fat dressing
1 bottle Vitamin Water

That’s it so far, I will come back and update as the day goes on. Cheers!


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