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Well, alright

So I decided to scrap the socks for the day. I’ll get back to them, probably tomorrow, but today I needed some instant gratification, so I’m knitting up this super quick coffee cozy. It’s cabled and very pretty, and hopefully it’ll be done by tonight so I can put it up for sale tomorrow. It’s also a good way to use up all the extra yarn I’ve got sitting around in my craft room/my roommates bedroom. He told me yesterday that I was a craft hoarder. HA! Maybe, but at least it’s all organized!!

But anyway, I got called into work 6 hours early, so I guess the cozy will have to wait until later. Damn adulthood and those evil jobs!! I’m bringing my stuff along to keep me busy in case we’re really slow, but no promises. I’ll have pics of the cozy up later.


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