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Football and knitting, two of my favorite things!

Finally! We get some bowl games featuring some teams that I’ve actually heard of! Just kidding, I’ve actually heard of all of them, but some of the early ones made me ask myself why I was bothering.

I think I have bronchitis. It feels like there’s a person standing on my chest, and it actually hurts to breathe. I was going to go to the ER this evening, but I felt like I was being too dramatic and decided against it. I’ll just call my doc in the morning and try to get an appointment for Monday. I need refills anyway. What sucks is that I have to work tomorrow, hopefully only my shift but quite possibly another double, and then I’m on the overnight on New Year’s Eve. It’s awesome because I’ll make a ton of money, but I just feel so crappy.

Anyway, I found out today that I was featured in a treasury on Etsy! Yay my first treasury feature!! Super exciting. And I made two treasuries of my own (here and here). And I finished the first cozy, the second, and I’m about to finish my third and start the fourth. Hopefully the increase in inventory will increase the views I get, but who knows. I can’t spend my day reading “how to sell on Etsy” articles (not to mention that my attention span is about 30 seconds long), so I’m just winging it. Who knows!! Maybe I’ll sell something someday? 😛


4 thoughts on “Football and knitting, two of my favorite things!

  1. I like it that you love football and knitting both (I do too)! I often feel like I’m a mix of totally random things, making it hard to have a blog with a specific focus. So, instead I have three… (twyste.com, ottoandeddie.wordpress.com, and beetleonastick.wordpress.com)! Because I like your all-over-the-place blogging, your site gives me hope that someday I can blend at least two of my sites. Maybe I don’t have to partition me off into sections after all!


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