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At least I learned something

So I spent almost $4 on advertising for my Etsy shop. Not a whole lot of money, true, but still that’s $4 that I could have used for something else (yarn maybe? lol). Well, it turns out I would have been a whole lot better off not having spent it. The advertising was kind of pointless. I never got more than 60 views when the advertising was going on, and I got 65 yesterday with no advertising. Guess I won’t make that mistake again!

I posted a new cozy just now. It’s probably the last one for a while, I think I’ve gotten my motivation back to finish these socks. I’ve now got nine items in my shop (eleven if you count the listing for the wrist warmers, which includes three items), and maybe once I get to 20 I’ll actually look at the advertising again. There are a lot of different options for it, so I’ll have to spend some time pondering. My father has also suggested using eBay to sell some of this stuff, so I may do that if I haven’t sold anything by this time next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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