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I had a dream…

That I flew to Vegas with my father for ComicCon (which, btw, I would never attend). Or maybe it was BlizzCon (which I would attend). I also dreamed that I had 3 sales on Etsy, but I only made 5 bucks. I was really excited when I woke up, flew out of bed to my computer, only to discover that it was only a dream. Poop. Sometimes my ambien dreams are just cruel.

In better news, I have over 170 views already today! I was so impressed with myself when I had over 100 yesterday, but this is way better! I added all my pages to StumbleUpon, so I’m crediting most of those views to that.

I worked on Wednesday, and it was dead all night. By 8pm I was working off with $20 in my pocket. But I had a big group, so I stuck around for another 2 and a half hours. Good thing I did! That big party (about 20+, but only 6 of them ate) tipped me $80! Talk about saving the night. Last night was not so great, had another big party but they didn’t tip quite so well. I still left with about 35% of my tippable sales, which is awesome.

Anyway, I need help deciding what to make next. Do I continue on with the latest pair of yoga socks, should I make a 7th coffee cozy, or something completely different? What do you think?

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