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As Promised

So here are my “before” pics. These were taken yesterday (1/11/12) before I had gone to the gym, at 147 pounds. Hopefully, when I take more pics in a month, I’ll be able to see some difference! It’s super embarassing to have my fat pics up on the internet, but maybe it’ll give me some motivation.

Anyway, so here are the treasuries that I’ve been featured in during the last two days.

Aquamation, by Crystal.

Blue Skies and Brown Earth, by Sharon.

Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue; With a Twist, by gclasergraphics.

The Road to Success, by Rebecca.

Purple Passion, by Ellen.

With Deepest Sympathy, by Mandee.

That’s it for now. Maybe there will be more, who knows!! These are all made by people from the Advertising and Promotion team on Etsy. Go check them all out, and don’t forget to vote on the one you like best at our blog!!

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