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A list of crafts that I need to do

This is more for me than for anyone else, so I’m not posting it on facebook/twitter or anything. This is a basic list of things I’m going to try my hand at/try to sell on Etsy this year. It’s also a list of things that I can make without having to go to the store, because I have all the items already.

1) Coasters
These will be made with wall tiles from Lowes, scrapbook paper from ACMoore, and a variety of adhesives and sealents. I want to do these soon, so maybe I’ll have to put down the knitting for a while and just start.

2) Microwavable rice bags
I’ve made one of these before, and it’s fantastic! I’m keeping the first one, but since they are so simple to make, I may make more to sell. Not quite sure how much to charge for them.

3) Magnets
I have two different sized flattened marbles, large and small. I just have to figure out what to put on the back of them. And how to package them. I’ll probably make a set of 8 for myself, and then sell the rest. Maybe pages from old magazines?

4) Wallets
I’ve also made one of these for myself. They are super cute, and I only stopped using it because I am a silly woman who went out and spent $25 on a new Vera Bradley wallet. Again, I have all the stuff for them. Just need to get motivated to use my sewing machine.

I hope these things will give me shop the increased variety that it needs. If anyone happens to run across this posting, could you maybe visit my shop and let me know what else I should be doing? I’d appreciate it!

(PS: I’ve been looking into SEO and keywords, but none of it makes any sense to me, so if anyone knows anything about it and wants to share, I’d be ever so grateful)


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