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New Year’s Resolutions – Month 1 Update

Ok, so I know that January isn’t over yet. It seems like this month will never end! Anyway, I’ve been doing extraordinarily well on my new years resolutions, and I wanted to share my progress with you all.

Resolution 1: Volunteer at least once a month, every month.
This one was easy, and I got it out of the way pretty early. I ran the canteen at a Red Cross blood drive last week. Basically another excuse to knit in public, as that’s all I do, but still.

Resolution 2: Spend less time on Etsy and more time actually making stuff for my shop.
This one has gone, meh, ok. I’m not picking up the computer every 5 minutes anymore, which is good. But I do notice I lose whole big chunks of time to the internet. Last night I looked up and an hour had gone by, and it didn’t feel like more than a couple minutes. Still need to improve on this one.

Resolution 3: Go to the gym at least 3 days a week, every week.
The end result of this one would be that I’d lose the rest of the weight before the family beach vacation at the end of June. I’ve done so well with this one, it kind of surprises me. It’s only Wednesday, and I’m already about to meet the goal for this week! And I’ve lost 2 more pounds, bringing me to only 21 pounds away from my goal. For anyone who’s paying attention, that would make 63 total pounds lost. That’s a small child!

Anyway, I’m off to the gym, and then I’m going to finish the most recent pair of yoga socks if it kills me. I’ll post that and the scarf I made yesterday sometime today hopefully, if the lighting in this house cooperates. Who knew I lived in such a dreary dungeon!!


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