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While I have a minute…

So I started the new job. Bet you all (all four of you! haha) wondered where I had disappeared to, huh? I haven’t died, or decided not to blog anymore, or anything of that nature. I’ve just been working, non-stop. In fact, I just had my first day off in almost two weeks, which also happened to be my birthday. I did absolutely nothing. I didn’t move from the couch at all, all day long. I did get a bunch of knitting done, actually I finished a pair of black yoga socks that I made for a coworker at the restaurant, and I started a new pair for my Etsy shop, which are turning out really cute. They should be up by Monday at the latest, so keep an eye out for them!

Needless to say I’m not finding a whole lot of spare time to create, let alone blog. I come to work at 8:30am (yes, I’m there now, on lunch-ish), work here until 3pm, then run over to the restaurant to start work there at 4pm, and I get home around 10pm. I’m out of the house a full 15 hours a day, which is really tough. I miss my cat, quite frankly. We used to spend all day cuddling and watching movies and knitting.

So in order to fit in some time for knitting, I’m waking up at 5am monday through friday. I’m obviously not going to bed until at least 10pm, most times later than that. At best I’m getting 7 hours of sleep, which sucks. I’m so tired. My body is exhausted, and I’m starting to get sick from having no downtime. My emotions are all over the place. I find myself getting seriously pissed off at the smallest things. An example, my roommate has taken to parking in the neighbors driveway, which normally wouldn’t be a problem at all. He’s been parking there pretty much everyday, but I really didn’t think I minded. Until I thought about it, and I’m working two jobs and getting home exhausted at 10pm, when the parking spaces on the street are very few and far between. He gets home at 4pm, when there are a shit-ton of places to park, but he parks in the driveway. I end up having to walk to get from where I’ve parked to the house. What an asshole! Not really, but I was so emotionally messed up that I really thought he was being selfish on purpose.

Anyway, I’m going to have yet another conversation with my manager at the restaurant tonight, because I really need at least one day a week that I don’t have to work at either place. But I’ve asked her to reduce my hours before, and she’s actually increased them. Wtf? Like, my normal days off are Monday and Tuesday, so when I asked for this past Sunday off I figured I’d still get my days off. Nope, she scheduled me for Tuesday. She is literally trying to kill me, on purpose it seems. It’ll work, my poor body can’t handle this. I’ve got a couple more options before I give up on this restaurant completely, but I’ve already got some good leads on other jobs so I’m not too concerned.

Holy moly, this was supposed to be a blog about my shop. Guess I had a lot to say!


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