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You mean, every day??

Blogging every day is hard for me. I want to write down my thoughts, my current projects, everything, but I’m having a hard time finding spaces in my day to do it.

I’m also contemplating a move to a different blogosphere. But how would I do it? Would it mean starting over? Would I have to keep both? I’m thinking blogspot, but I’m not sure if there are any benefits. Maybe I should make a “just knitting/just etsy shop” blog, and keep it somewhere else, and keep this one just for random thoughts and silly self-amusement? I dunno. Any input?

Anyway, I’ve got three pairs of yoga socks, a cowl and a headband that all need to be posted. I may just sell the yoga socks to my boss to then turn around and sell to a salon here in town that wanted her to provide them with pedicure socks. Who knows? I’m indecisive today! As evidenced by the fact that it’s noon and I still haven’t decided what I want to do today.

One thought on “You mean, every day??

  1. Stay here. WordPress is 1000x’s better than Blogspot. I run a team blog over in the over blogosphere and while their are more custom options and you can run more ads, it’s harder for people to find your blog. It’s also not as mobile-friendly.

    You could always start a second blog over there to get a feel for it first. I think you’ll probably side with me, this are just better here.


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