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Where do you find the time?

I posted this question in one of the Etsy forums that I participate in, and I got some interesting responses. I’m fairly unique (that’s what Mom always said, anyway), in that I have two jobs, arthritis, and I knit. So obviously, it’s going to take me more time than normal to get an item listed in my shop. The best response I’ve gotten was not to stress myself out too much, and to make sure that my hobby stayed a hobby instead of a source of frustration and a drain on my health.

First of all, THANK YOU! I’ve been trying to find balance between two jobs, my hobbies, and my health for a while now. Most people don’t even consider health when they think about my day, but the fact of the matter is, I’m not a healthy person. Not that I don’t try, but no amount of trying is going to get rid of all those pills I have to take every day. So THANK YOU to the person who agreed with me and said my health is the most important thing. 🙂

Secondly, I LOVE knitting. When I’m not knitting (ie when I’m sitting at my desk at Job #1 or waiting on a particularly difficult table at Job #2), I wish with all my might that I was. It is, for me, pure relaxation. Sure it hurts after a while, but it focuses my mind and allows me to think straight. I am truely at my best when I am creating something. I can’t imagine it ever giving me anything but pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. I mean, here I am sitting on my couch with a couple sticks and a piece of string, and when all is said and done I have a pair of socks or a scarf or something else that I or someone else can actually use. That, to me, is one of the most wonderful feelings ever.

Anyway, this week will be much easier, both on me personally and on my shop. I really only have to work at the restaurant tonight and tomorrow, and while I will definitely miss the extra cash, I could use the break. I’m almost 100% (I’d say right now I’m at 75%, even my brain is starting to clear up), but the more days I have to make sure I can effectively do my job the better.

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3 thoughts on “Where do you find the time?

  1. Kudos for multiple jobs & and Etsy shop! I’m in the same boat. We have to PACE ourselves and not try to do everyone right away, as tempting as it might be. Fortunately, Etsy isn’t my main source of income (my day job is) so why stress as though it were? I bead when I have time, and don’t try to worry about how little of it there is.


    • I don’t think I was stressing, per se. I just wish I could hit my “magic number”, whatever that is. I want to get 30 items in my shop, but I don’t really have a time frame to do that by. My biggest question was really, is it better to have a whole bunch of things to list (even if you only end up listing once a day), or list as you finish something?


      • I get excited to list something I just finished, but what I’ll usually do is list a bunch of draft items on the weekends (basically load pictures but leave all of the blanks empty) and then add the items one at a time from my mobile phone when I get a spare minute or two during the week.

        I think once or twice a day is better than all at once, because they will show up in the activity feed of the people who have hearted your shop, and generally get more exposure when listed individually.


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