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TGIF, truely, honestly, completely

I have never been happier to see 3pm on Friday arrive. Seriously. Most weeks, Friday at 3pm means I need to get ready to go to work, or go over to my other job. NOT THIS WEEK!!! This week, I have an entire three day weekend to look forward to. Three. Day. Weekend. I have never in my life heard a sweeter combination of three words. Not even “I love you” compares. Three entire days off, no jobs to look forward, just pigging out on whatever happens to be leftover in the fridge, laying around on the couch watching movies with my cat, and knitting. Holy shit. I mean, just… WOW.

Just to be clear, yes I normally blog at work. No, my three day weekend does not mean a three day break from blogging. In fact, I’ve got an actual handwritten list of topics that I may write about during my wonderful mini-vacation.

But for now…

(Yes, I redacted it. Yes, I redacted it very badly.)


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