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Boredom? No way!!

So I’ve had a super productive weekend so far, and it’s really only half over! Check out what I’ve been doing…

I finished this super cute green and blue striped yoga socks. So far I’ve got them up on Facebook but not Etsy, since they are a part of my pre-sale. After I finished those…

I made these awesome coasters using white ceramic tiles and scrapbook paper. I plan on selling them for $10 in my Etsy shop for $10. While I was waiting for them to dry…

I knitted up this neutral colored coffee cozy. I loooove the button. Heck, let’s be real, I love ALL buttons. And then, when that was done…

I started this beautiful ruffle scarf.

So now the scarf is done, I’ve almost finished my second set of coasters, and I’m working on another pair of yoga socks. Like I said, super productive!

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