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What do you do when…?

So I don’t have to worry about “calling out” a buyer here, because this is my blog and not Etsy. Ha! Anyway…

This is partly my fault, and I completely take responsibility for that part. I had agreed to do a trade with another shop a few weeks back. Instead of just deactivating our listings, we decided to use the “other” option when it came to payment, so we’d both get credit for the sale and we’d both have the opportunity to receive feedback. Anyone who’s familiar with Etsy knows what a struggle feedback is, so it was important to both of us. Ok, transaction done, “other” checked, feedback given, done deal. Only, me having a very short attention span, I forgot to remove the “other” option from my payment page.

Oops. So fast forward to yesterday. I sold another pair of yoga socks (yay! my 6th sale!), and the buyer chose “other”. Big oops? Maybe. I sent her a convo through Etsy and an email, but she has yet to get back to me through either avenue. I’m not even sure how she thought she was going to pay me. I told her I would give her 14 days to get the payment to me, which I think is extremely reasonable. But, it does bother me that she hasn’t been in touch. If I were to buy something online and choose “other” as the payment option, I’m pretty sure I would immediately get in contact with the seller and discuss exactly what “other” means. Am I alone?

What do other people do in this kind of situation? The “other” option even being there in the first place was my fault, and I don’t want to spam her with “wtf is up” emails. Any suggestions?

My other worry is maybe she didn’t mean to buy them? Maybe she meant to hit the “paypal” option instead of the “other”? How do I fix it if that’s the case?

Anyway, so I briefly got to 28 listings in my shop yesterday. Briefly because just after I finished listing the latest pair of yoga socks (they’re below, and I think they’re super cute), the black and pink ones sold. At least I think they sold. Argh, what a quandry!


6 thoughts on “What do you do when…?

  1. People check “other” thinking they can pay directly with a CC and not have to go through PayPal, I think. If they don’t respond to conves or e-mails (I’ll send a convo first, and then and e-mail if there is no response a day later.) After a week simply cancel the sale, marking that it has not been paid. Etsy will refund you your sales fees and you can re-list the item in your shop.

    Also, when the sale has been canceled, the buyer won’t be able to leave feedback, so no worries there. 🙂


    • Thanks! I’ll probably wait the two weeks, since that’s what is in my policies section, but knowing that I’ll be able to recoup the fees is comforting. Even if you thought you could pay directly with a credit card, after the transaction went through and you didn’t enter a credit card number, wouldn’t you say something to the seller? I don’t know, maybe I’m overreacting. I’ve been known to do that from time to time. 😛


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