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Excitement? Frustration?

Ok, I hate to complain about good news, since I really am very grateful. I just sold another pair of socks. It seems that no matter what I make, all I ever sell is socks. Which is awesome, because as I said before, I really do love making them. But those scarves? Yeah, they’re awesome too. And those cozies are super cute. I feel like I have to keep making socks because that’s all I’m selling at the moment.

Anyway, maybe I just need a little advice. What do you think? Should I stay with my bestseller? Or should I take a break and knit something else for a little while?


12 thoughts on “Excitement? Frustration?

  1. First off…congrats way to go! I feel the same way at times. I see the Etsy order notification and say “Alright! A sale!” Then I see its a baby bib pattern or applique template and say ” I wish it was a tablet case”. Then my wife tells me I’m an ungrateful S.O.B. Then I say “Yea, you are right”. I say focus on variety for your best seller but don’t neglect expanding your inventory with other items so your creativity doesn’t get stalled out. Plus the more you have of a particular item the more chance you will be on the first three pages with multiple listings.


  2. Sometimes it seems like no matter how cute or awesome something is people just don’t want it, or worse yet people who make inferior versions of it are selling the crap out of theirs and you are selling nothing; or even worse yet some product made in Honk Kong and passing itself off as handmade is selling like crazy! I digress… unfortunaltly I feel we have to go with what works. You have a good oppurtunity with those socks. There are not many on Etsy plus yours look cool.
    I wasn’t saying you were ungrateful just that I was.


  3. One more point and I’ll stop filling up your blog. Sometimes things just take longer to take off but that doesn’t mean they won’t. Patience and perseverance. Easier said then done… Sometimes I just want to put in the listing “BUY THIS! IT’S REALLY CUTE! but thats probably not a good idea. Anyways I think all your stuff is cute and will bring you sales eventually.


    • Thanks Justin, and no worries about filling my blog. I always love hearing what other people/shops are thinking.

      I know what you mean about things taking longer to take off. I had that first pair of yoga socks up there for a month before they sold, so I know things take time. I try to be patient, I really do!


  4. LOL, I swear we were having the same conversation yesterday. I have one item in my Etsy shop that sells like hot cakes. And I love it..really! But sometimes I’d just like it if someone would want something else. Yes.. it’s for me to feel like I am not doing the same thing over and over like a machine.

    So here’s what a friend of mine came up with yesterday.. Go ahead and make all of those other things you wanted to make, put them on the shelf and whenever you get an order for them, you already have them. Come Holiday shopping time, you will really wish you had a lot more already made and this is getting a good start on it so it’s not so crazy when you want to spend holiday time with friends and family.

    And that is exactly what I am doing! Yes, I will make more zombies.. but I am going to be making some other amazing things too!

    Have fun!


    • That’s a great idea! I’m thinking I’m going to take a break from the yoga socks no matter what. I have some ideas that I’d at least like to try.

      And the holiday thing? I am stocking up now, since not a whole lot of people will want to buy knit stuff in the summer. I’ll just keep cranking it out until Christmas time. That way when people start shopping, my store will be stuffed with cute knitted things! 🙂


  5. It probably has a lot to do with a flooded market for scarves, with less people making socks you have less competition.

    Embrace it! You found your niche, now go crazy making different sock designs!

    I don’t mean to abandon your scarves, but when an opportunity is showing itself, why not take it by force and show it who’s boss? 😉


    • Yeah I see your point. But here’s the problem; the needles needed to make these socks are super tiny (size 3 double pointed), and even though I’m using bamboos, they still make my hands hurts after a while. Also, they take 4 days to make a pair, so they’re very time consuming. Know how many cozies/scarves/coasters/tea totes I could make in the time it takes me to make a pair of socks? A TON. I know it’s my niche… I’m not saying I’ll never make another pair of socks, but I need something a bit more quick and less painful for a while I think. 😦


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