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I really have nothing important to say

No, really, I don’t. I usually do, but today I don’t. So I’m just going to ramble on about my current frustration with Etsy teams, my next projects, and a stupid article I found on Yahoo. Still reading? Alright then, let’s continue.

Ok, so I logged onto Etsy first thing this morning, like I do every morning, and the first thread I found on the forums was one complaining about teams. For anyone not on Etsy, we have the option of either joining or not joining a variety of different teams, or groups of people who support and promote each other mostly. They are by no means mandatory, and each of us can choose to just fly solo, but for the most part these teams are very helpful. Alright, now that we’ve covered that… The person who wrote this thread was complaining that in certain teams, the team leaders and captains do not let general members start threads. She said she wanted more of a sense of community to the teams she belonged in, and didn’t like that “big brother” was watching over her posts.

I have a number of issues with this. First, did I mention that joining a team, any team, is completely optional? Optional meaning you do not have to join. Second, there are so many teams out there, so if you don’t like the rules in one team, you can leave and join a team that is for a similar purpose but doesn’t have the same rules. Third, and this is completely speculation, she was probably one of those people who didn’t read the team rules and started a thread when she wasn’t supposed to, and then got offended when it was closed.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I understand not reading or not quite grasping the rules. I happen to be a team leader in two teams that do not allow their general members to start new threads (they are two wonderful teams, by the way). I get to close threads on a daily basis. Generally the response I get is, oh I’m sorry I didn’t know. Which is 100% ok fine with me. I’m more than willing to help someone learn the rules. But, sometimes you get these people who are offended and question the rules to no end. Well, what do you mean I can’t start new threads? Why not? It’s in the rules, that’s why not. The same rules that you said you understood when you signed up.

The reason certain teams do this, especially bigger teams, is to keep everything neat and organized, and to make sure certain important information doesn’t get buried by multiple similar threads being opened on a daily basis. I like this system better than the free-for-all, anyone can post teams, actually. It makes things easier for me, and I spend way more time in the teams that I can find what I’m looking without having to dig for too long.

So anyway, this person offended me, partly as a team leader, partly as a member of the Etsy community. Her post just had this self-righteous air about it, like she wanted to do whatever it was she wanted to do and to hell with anyone who had any other ideas about it. This post may offend some people too. I’m fully aware of that, and I accept that risk. I apologize, but this is my opinion. At least I went into this rant on my private blog instead of on the forums (although I will be sharing this with all my teams…. Hi everyone!! :P).

Onto my projects. After I finish the current pair of yoga socks, which you can see in the picture to your right (rainbow colored, and a bit too bright for me, but someone will love them I’m sure), I’ve got to be done with the socks for a while. I need to make something else, or I’m going to burn out. I can feel it happening already. So I have a few different options. Those super cute tea totes, which may be the first thing I do, but I think after that I may work on some legwarmers/boot toppers. I know it’s almost spring, so knitted items won’t be selling very well for the next few months, but at least when the season rolls around again my shop will be ready and stocked. I’ve got some other ideas for summer items, but I think I’m going to do this backwards and make the summery stuff over the winter. But maybe in the next 30 seconds I’ll change my mind. That’s how I roll, yo.

Ok, last thing, I promise. This pisses me off. Throws me into an almost-rage, actually. Maybe I’m strange and unusual (I know I am, in fact, but whatever), but I do not live every single second of my life for guys. I love being single. If I don’t want to shave my legs every day, I don’t have to. If I want to go out with fake eyelashes and hair extensions, that’s for me and me alone, you morons at Yahoo. I’ll do what I want, and whoever I end up with is going to love me for me, regardless of what color lipstick I wear. So there.

10 thoughts on “I really have nothing important to say

  1. I totally agree on the controlling random posting on the teams. They can truly get out of control! And good for you on being comfortable with your single life. Too many women (the bachelor show) yuck think they aren’t complete without a man. You go girl!


  2. HA! I saw that post too! I wanted to say the same thing. C’mon! If you don’t like the team you are on.. LEAVE. If you don’t feel like you are getting your glory, LEAVE. It’s not a rule that you have to be on teams! It’s fun.

    I want to find a team that does not promote anything on etsy! It just talks about random topics. I have enough promote anything teams on my list, I want one that isn’t!

    And as for being single and getting to do what you want to do, when you want it.. Meh, I am ok with being married. We support each other, hang out and do things, and seriously.. if I don’t feel like shaving my legs..I don’t. And if he feels like sitting on the couch with his hands on his ‘lil partner’ go right on ahead.. I’ll be pretending I’m single in my ‘fat sweats’.

    Good rambling Madam!


  3. You make great points about teams! As a team leader on one of those ‘no new thread’ teams when I have to close an unauthorized thread I always post a link to the ‘Welcome’ thread that explains the team rules/threads and when appropriate I suggest a thread where the topic may fit.

    One of the greatest things about the Etsy team approach is any member can start their own team! If you can’t find a team you really like that fits the bill for what you want, you can start your own team. Perhaps others are looking for the same thing and can’t find it either. It’s a lot of work to get a team up and running, publicize it and get people to join who will be active and participate to make it a lively community.


    • I try to do the same thing. One of the teams doesn’t have a “welcome” thread with the info, but it’s in the “who can join” section, so I usually just direct people there.


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