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Warning: I will most likely offend you at some point

So I realize that I may have offended some people with what I said in the post before last. I’m not going to apologize, because I meant what I said and I’m not sorry for thinking those things, but I do feel the need to explain a bit.

When I first joined Etsy in 2010, I only had one item up for sale in my shop. Not surprisingly, no one even looked at it, let alone bought it. It wasn’t until recently, probably November or December, that I really got serious about selling on Etsy. So, as I do with just about everything, I dove in full force and got really into just about everything that I could involving Etsy. I starting blogging more, with more of a focus. I created a facebook fan page for my shop. I linked my shop and my blog with facebook and twitter. I also started joining teams, with the intention of getting a little bit more exposure and promotion for my shop. You know what? It worked. I now have anywhere between 150 to 200 views per day, on average. I may not be selling much right now, but it’s a bad time of year to be selling knit goods, since spring is right around the corner.

My basic point is, I joined those teams mainly for the purpose of self-promotion. I love the self-promotion teams/threads. You get to see people’s new items, people’s favorite items, people’s treasuries, etc. But now, I’ve realized that these teams also provide a sense of community. For example, the Etsy Success team is chock full of supportive, helpful members, who just want to make sure that everyone is successful and happy with their Etsy experience. I love that too.

That being said, there is a place for both community and self-promotion. And perhaps both things do not belong in the same team. Maybe the people who use Etsy are better off knowing which teams are primarily for self-promotion and which are primarily for supporting other sellers. Not to say that you can’t have a good mix in the same team; in the Advertising and Promotion team we have a thread every day just for supporting one specific member, which I happen to be the beneficiary of today (see my last post). But I like knowing that if I want to self-promote, I can go to the Etsians of Facebook team or the Top Treasury team, and if I need someone to vent to or someone to tell me that I’m doing the right thing by sticking with this whole online selling thing, I can go to the aforementioned Etsy Success team. Basically, I like having my information grouped that way. Maybe I’m weird.

So it’s not that I don’t think teams should be for community building. I do. But I don’t think every team should be for community building. And like I said before, no one is twisting anyone’s arm to join a certain team. You don’t like the purpose of the team, then don’t hit the “join this team” button. It’s pretty simple.

Anyway, enough of that rant. I’m done with it for real this time, I promise! 🙂 Now for something completely different…

I love my Kindle Fire. It was a Christmas present, and besides the Keurig it was probably the best gift that I got this year (I love that silly coffee maker). I was carrying it around in a plain, boring black case for a while, because I didn’t want to spend the money to buy anything fancier. This past week I decided the heck with it, I’ve got enough money to get myself a pretty Kindle case, so I hopped on Etsy and started shopping. I may enjoy buying stuff on Etsy more than I like selling, haha. It’s so pretty, and the Kindle fits perfect! It doesn’t hurt that the people who run Five Sprouts Stitching, the shop I bought it from, are awesome and helpful and talented. Definitely well worth the price.

Blargh, I have to go back to work now. Have a happy Friday everyone!! 🙂

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