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It’s a beautiful day

For those who don’t know, my first day job is at a college campus here in upstate New York. Colleges are strange places to spend a few hours a day, especially if you aren’t actually enrolled in classes. The picture to the right should clearly illustrate my point. It was taken, by me, right outside my office. Yup, there was a guy in a chicken suit walking around an empty campus. We asked him why, and he wouldn’t tell us. He wouldn’t speak at all. Strange.

So today is an absolutely, drop dead beautiful day. It’s almost 60, sunny, with no wind. It’s obvious that there is an almost painful confusion about how to handle this. It’s New York, in March, and it’s 60 and sunny? Wha???

What the hell am I going to wear????

Anyway, I go outside for a smoke break, which is pretty much the only time I get to observe the oddness that is this campus because I work in a damn windowless cubicle, and I’m surrounded by children who had no idea what the appropriate outfit for 60 degrees in March was. There were heavy bubble coats and scarves, walking next to shorts and short-sleeved polo shirts (thankfully, no popped collars). I saw one girl wearing acid washed mom-jeans and a belly shirt. I really didn’t want to be rude, but I couldn’t help staring at her with my mouth wide open. Acid washed? REALLY??? I’m not saying I’m the most fashion-foward girl I’ve ever met, but the last time I wore acid washed jeans was in the 1980’s. That was one fashion trend that should never, ever, eveeeeeeer come back. Legwarmers, fine. Acid washed jeans, not so much.

This is as wasteful as losing a good blog idea while putting creamer in your coffee. Never fear! I have a solution!

I hate that I’m stuck inside on the first nice day we’ve had in six months. And I really am stuck inside all day. I go from here to my second job at the restaurant. Boo. But at least I get to take smoke breaks!! Speaking of which, I’ve been carrying this little notebook around with me for about two weeks, so that I don’t get a great idea for a treasury or a blog or a new project for my Etsy shop and then forget by the time I get back to my computer. This blog came into my head during the one smoke break I’ve had in days without my notebook. Gasp! So I had to run my ass back to my desk (after the smoke break, the bathroom break and the coffee break of course) and write it all down. Then I put creamer in my coffee. Somehow, the way my brain works, I figured I’d forget everything I had just dreamed up between getting to my desk and putting the creamer back in the mini fridge.

Ooook, back to business. Yesterday I promised you part two of “Home is whereever I’m with you”. I lied. I’d say I’m sorry, but that would be another lie, thus compounding the original problem and setting us on a cycle of ever evolving apology-lies. I’m not sorry. Deal with it. Anyway, I’m not going to write that post today. First of all, I can’t for the life of me think of what I want to say. Second, I’ve got other things to say. Maybe not more important things, but way more entertaining things fo shizzle. I’ll get to it eventually, maybe tomorrow, but I won’t know until tomorrow comes so I make no guarantees.

3 thoughts on “It’s a beautiful day

  1. Omigod, I think we might be lost triplets! I too work at a college and there are lots of crazy animals there to drive me crazy! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Fun post. (I used to have this same background on my blog too.) xoxo and nice to meet you etsy girl.


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