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I’m so effing hungry!

I would eat the crap out of this. The picture, not the cake.

I started weight watchers today. For anyone who hasn’t tried it, know this… Weight watchers is the devil. At least for the first few days, when you’re so hungry even your cat looks delicious. After that it gets way easier, but those first few days are a living hell, for you and everyone else around you. You’re hungry, your stomach is making these strange noises, and all you want to do is beat the living crap out of that guy walking down the street with a Burger King cheeseburger. But I could deal with the hunger. I’m having more trouble with the anger that comes with the hunger. I’m just freaking pissed at the world right now. Doesn’t make for a productive evening, I’ll tell you.

Anyway, so my goal, once again, is to lose 25-30 pounds by the end of June, when we go to the beach. I weigh 150 now, I’d like to weigh at the most 125, but ideally 120. If anyone remembers, my new year’s resolution was to go to the gym 3 days a week. Ha! Yeah, try doing that while working two jobs and trying to keep up with an Etsy shop. So then I was only going to go on days when I wasn’t working both jobs, but I forgot to take my pills for a million days in a row so I could barely open my eyes, let alone workout. Good thing weight watchers doesn’t require me to work out. They are perfectly happy if I don’t. So good. I was planning on walking after work today, but I got so pissed off on my way to the post office (who saunters across the street in the middle of the day? seriously, who does that?), that I’ve called it off. I’ll do it tomorrow. Someone has to make sure I actually do it tomorrow.

I’m just angry. Angry at my stomach for being so hungry. I usually eat one or two meals a day, usually at night, and I’m never this hungry. I’ve been eating all friggin day! I’m angry at the people who give unrequested advice. You think you know better than I do how I lose weight? Well let me tell you, with an underactive thyroid (NO thyroid, actually) and an appetite that comes and goes as it pleases, I’m the only one who knows the best way for me to lose weight. I can’t do it just by exercising. I need a strict plan with some accountability, not vitamins or crash diets or whatever else you’re selling. Weight watchers works for me where nothing else does. I can’t magically make my metabolism speed up; I have a fake, medicinally-induced metabolism and it does what it wants. I’m angry at all the fat assholes in this town who think they own the street, the sidewalk, and most importantly my personal space. I was a fat girl for a long time (not my fault, come to find out), but I didn’t saunter places, and I didn’t impose my fatness on other people.

I’m done with the rant, I think. Onto bigger (hardy har har) and better things, hopefully. I listed those rainbow colored yoga socks the other night, and they sold within an hour. So what did I do? I immediately went out and bought more rainbow colored yarn. I’m finishing up a pair that’s green, purple and blue tonight, and after that it’s a green pair for my friend Megan. I’ll probably start another pair of rainbow colored ones after. I’ve got two pairs of leg warmers/boot cuffs that I still have to take pictures for, but that probably won’t happen until much later in the week. I redid all of the pics for the yoga socks over the weekend, but I haven’t gotten any responses to my requests for a critique yet, so I’m not sure if they’re any better. Oh, and two more sets of coasters that I still have to list, though one will probably be listed in about a half an hour.

This makes my heart happy.

Speaking of which, did you know that Etsy is also the devil? I know it’s hard for two things to be the devil at exactly the same time, but trust me, it’s so very true in this case. I spend so much of my time on that stupid website, it’s not even funny. If it’s not promoting my own stuff, it’s posting in forums, commenting on blogs, writing this blog, favoriting other people’s stuff, favoriting treasuries that I’ve been included in, making my own treasuries, and on and on and on. It’s such a huge time sink, it’s not even funny. If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s become almost an addiction for me, I would just take some time off because I’m sick of it. It’s like another part time job!

Ok, now I’m really done with the rant.


8 thoughts on “I’m so effing hungry!

  1. Yup been there done that! I feel your pain. I need to lose 30 pounds as well. I have doing the Spark People on the internet or trying LOL. Can’t wait till I can get on my bike again, that helps. Hang in there.


    • Thanks Patty. I’ve spent a bit of time on Spark People, but it didn’t have the kind of structure I need I don’t think. Here’s hoping you get an early spring so you can get on that bike! 🙂


  2. omigosh, you made me laugh so hard! truly because I can completely relate to EVERYTHING you just said. seriously…the weight watchers and why it works, the hunger at the beginning, the etsy shop being a time suck but not being able to stop, all of it. LOVE the yoga socks!! I have so many WIPs going on, nothing is getting finished so feel GOOD that you’re completing your knitting projects! When I do WW I eat veggies like crazy cuz they are 0 pts — it doesn’t really fill me up, but it helps to be chewing, give it a whirl. 🙂 Oops, sorry, that’d be the unwanted advice you were talking about. 😮


    • I have kind of conquered the whole WIP thing. I make sure, even if I hate something, that I either finish it or frog it, so I don’t have a whole lot of WIPs sitting around taking up valuable needle space. I ate veggies ALL DAY yesterday, and it just made me angrier because I wasn’t getting full. It’s better today, just need to get over these first few days! Thanks! 🙂


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