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Celebrating the smallest victories

It seems that every day I find something new, and usually relatively small, to get upset about. Apparently, it’s not my fault. I live in Binghamton. But I do plan on moving somewhere that isn’t so pesimistic in the relatively near future (which won’t be hard to do apparently), so I won’t have an excuse to be sad and fat anymore, so I’ll start now.

Small victory number one: I finished what I will now refer to as “green sock number one”. I got the first two rows done on “green sock number two”, and I’ll probably finish the first ribbed section before the day’s over. Which means, if I can keep focused on it, I should have it done by Sunday at the latest. The more I work with this yarn the more I like it actually, but I still think if I plan on ordering from Knit Picks in the future, I’ll order more so the shipping costs are a bit more worth it.

Small victory number two: I worked last night at the restaurant. Temptation was literally everywhere. I did not give in and eat one of our delicious chocolate cookies, although they were right in my face for about an hour. Success!! I did eat, I had a delicious salad with pico and balsamic vinagrette, but nothing too terrible. In fact, I was below my points goal when I got home. I actually had to eat more, because apparently being low on your points goal is almost just as bad as being high.

Small victory number three: Tomorrow is Friday. I know this isn’t my victory, per se, as I have no control over whether tomorrow is Friday or not. But it feels like a victory. I’ve made it through another week! I was scheduled to work Saturday night, which stinks because it throws my whole rhythm off, but that’s ok. I’m going to have a conversation with my managers tonight about how I need to not have surprise shifts thrown my way, it’s literally bad for my health. Read on…

Small victory number four: I remembered to take my pills today! I know, I know, everyone can yell at me, but I just can’t get in a good routine to take them. I’m still not used to leaving my house at 8am, even after a month and a half of having to do it Monday through Friday. Which is why I can’t have surprise shifts at the restaurant; I am having enough trouble establishing a routine with my pills, and extra shifts throw me off, as silly as that may sound. Which leads me to…

Small victory number five: I have furlough time at the college. Again, not really my victory, but still. I have to use it before the end of the month, so I think I’m going to use it to take Monday off. It won’t help with the routine thing, but it’ll be nice to get to spend the whole day with Isaac, and I’ve decided that I really kind of like having two days off every week. I know I chose to work two jobs, but it’s exhausting.

And finally, small victory number six: I still love my Etsy shop. In fact, when I alt-tabbed over to my shop just (literally) a second ago, I found out that I’d sold five sets of coasters! Holy moly! I’m almost in shock. Good for you little coasters, off you go to your new home in Texas!

So that’s what I’m celebrating today. I think I’m being pretty optimistic, for someone who lives in the most pesimistic city in the whole wide world. Tomorrow, Feature Friday!! πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Celebrating the smallest victories

  1. So good to celebrate all of the little victories. They always help to bring positivity into my life! Glad to know there are some positives happening for you! I can sort of relate with the Binghamton thing. I went to Syracuse for college and the weather constantly brought me down and the city itself was not super happy either. Maybe a bit of a regional thing in the winter. Once I moved to Baltimore (and beautiful weather), I was a much more positive person!


    • That’s crazy… I’m originally from Syracuse, and I lived in Baltimore before I moved to Binghamton! I was so much happier down there, but trust me, even Syracuse and the crazy weather isn’t as bad as good old Bingo. I thought it was, but I started to miss the Cuse not long after I moved here.


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