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Too much inspiration?

I have so many ideas of where I want my shop to go. I figured I could keep going with the knitted stuff until the end of summer/fall, so once it got cold I could have an entire store of cozy knitted items for people to buy. But…. and this may not sound like a problem to the rest of the world… I’ve got too many ideas of things that I’d like to make. And I want to make them all right now!!

I have everything I need to make super cute magnets. I have everything I need to make wine charms and stitch markers. I have everything I need to make wallets, microwavable rice bags, eye masks, and on and on and on. And I will probably spend most of the winter making these things. But my worry is this; do all these things fit in with what’s currently for sale in my shop? I keep buying stuff to make coasters, which I adore making. But so far I have 14 sets of coasters sitting in my den (where all the finished items live until someone buys them). Do I really need more? I only have 47 items in my shop right now, so I really can’t see starting another shop just for the non-knitted stuff. But on the other hand I can; I could have one shop full of knitted items, one shop full of decoupaged items, and one full of sewn items. Or I could just throw it all in together and hope that people don’t think it makes my shop look too confused. But I am confused!!

So, my lovely reader friends…. What would you do? What should I do? Am I overthinking this?


8 thoughts on “Too much inspiration?

  1. Hi! I came over from EBT and your problem sounds all too familiar. πŸ™‚ So far I think your shop looks great and you picked the perfect name for it. I don’t think you’re overthinking, you’re just really passionate about waht you make. Maybe try adding a couple of things little by little and see what kind of response you get.


  2. You can always start with one shop (the one you already have)… and just keep filling it up, and then open up another one to reserve a name for later. If you feel you want your items to be more cohesive (and after you have enough of them to do so), then you can gradually move your knitted items over into your second shop.


  3. I know exactly what you mean. I have over 50 items in my shop right now. So all of that inventory is sitting on my guest bed. It is like the princess and the pea in there. I wish stuff would start selling. And yet I have so any other things I still want to make. Good luck.


  4. I know how you feel! I am an avid soap maker, header, crocheter, knitter and paper crafter. I’ve decided (at least for the moment) to maintain only one shop and use the Etsy ability to rearrange my shop to coordinate the colors of the various items I’m offering. I’m also going to try and use coordinated photo props and backgrounds to try and unify the look. We’ll see how it goes. Saying what I plan to do is one thing, doing it is another!


    • Good luck Monique! I had my shop organized by color, but someone told me it looked better organized by item. I’m not sure if it does, but I’ve had three sales since I changed it. I still prefer the color organization way. πŸ˜›


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