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Omg! I’ve spotted the extremely rare “Sunday evening post”!

For a while I was banning myself from blogging on the weekends. It worked for me, but this blog isn’t only about me, is it? It’s also about you, my wonderful, loyal readers. So, I’ll try to be better about writing on weekends. Not a whole lot happens on the weekends for me; it’s essentially just me, my cat, a cup of cold coffee, and my knitting. This weekend wasn’t a whole lot different, but I did do a lot of work on the pictures for my shop. It was exhausting, actually, so I guess that’s why I didn’t finish the project completely. In fact it’s only about halfway done, even with a full 8 hours of work put into it yesterday. Before I finish, though, I’d like some input. I don’t really trust the Etsy forums; there is as much bad advice as there is good.

Ok, random interjection here. What the hell is going on with my Pandora lately? I just logged on, and there are all these random stations that I know I didn’t program in. Like, who is Valencia? And, since I have no idea who they are, why would I listen to them? This started a few weeks ago, I think, with a pop-punk station which I’ve since deleted. But more keep showing up! Please tell me I’m not crazy and this is happening to other people as well. I mean, I guess it could be my roommate just messing with me, but he isn’t usually that type of person. Hmm, it’s a mystery…

So anyway… To the right you see what my pics used to look like. Before this I was using the carpet in my bedroom as a background, but I kept getting this awful glare in the corner, and my back was starting to hurt from all the stooping I was doing. Just so you know, on a good day off, I can make 3 or 4 sets of these, so that was a lot of picture taking. So I moved them up to a white end table in the bedroom, and since the table had these weird marks on them, I put a white sheet down. Ok, so there’s the resulting picture. Not bad, right? But not great either, at least in my mind.

A lot of the other coaster sellers were using a different layout for their front picture, which looks more like the one to the right. So I decided, ok, it’s a bit more interesting, I’ll try it like that. I like it better than the other layout. So I took pictures of all my coasters with this layout, which meant taking two or three pics of each set, meaning about 45 pics since I have 15 sets of coasters. That took a long ass time, but after all was said and done, I was much happier with my pics. But, I’m not going to buy my own coasters, obviously. So I posed the question to the Etsy Success forums; were these pics better than my old pics? Were they more likely to get these things bought?

Well, the people on the Etsy Success boards are very supportive, but sadly, not very helpful. I got a whole bunch of, “oh dear your background is very wrinkled, you should go out and buy a lightbox”. I’m not interested in going out to buy a lightbox. Number one, I don’t have a whole lot of money. Number two, I can think of much better ways to spend said money. Number three, I think pictures taken in a lightbox look boring. No offense to people who use a lightbox; it just isn’t my style. I also got people who thought I should use fotofuze. I think pictures that use fotofuze look terrible and washed out, so I certainly wasn’t going to do that to my items. All I really wanted to know was which layout was better, and I got all these criticisms of my background. Ooooook, y’all win. I decided that I’d wake up the next morning, finish the scarf I was working on (to the left, you all get the sneak peek, as it’s not listed yet but I looooove it), and then iron the damn sheet.

Turns out I suck with an iron. I will never be a housewife. There goes another career path that I’m not cut out for, I guess. Plus I’m very happy to let my wonderful roommate do all the housework, cooking, etc. while I am busy making stuff for my shop. But I digress; the ironing turned out to be the easiest part of the whole adventure. I spent a whole 8 hours taking pictures of about half of my items (20 plus whatever is in my drafts), then editing those pictures because the light in my room was terrible, then posting the pictures to etsy. The end result is what you see to the right. I was so proud of my efforts that I once again, having not learned from the first several times, posted them on the Etsy Success boards. Guess what? I still need a lightbox. I still need to use fotofuze. I still need to blah blah blah blah because nothing is ever good enough!

But I’m not writing this to share my opinions with you. I want your opinions! Know this, though; I’m not going to buy a lightbox, I’m never going to run my pics through fotofuze, and I’m not running to Staples for a piece of posterboard. Seriously, compare the three pics above and tell me which is better all you want, but please leave it at that. I know a lot of people use lightboxes, but they do so for views, and I’ve never been hurting in that area. I had 250 yesterday, and even with no promoting whatsoever today, I have over 100. I think that’s pretty damn good for a weekend. And besides that, I end up in five or six treasuries a day, so that’s not my issue either. I need sales, and if you think the second picture is going to give me more sales than the first or third, I’d like to know that. It’d break my heart because I spent so much time on the third pictures, but have at it, I’ll be fine.

And while you’re doing that, think of me, poor little me, up to my neck in yarn attempting to organize my craft room/roomies bedroom. Because someday, somehow, I’ll have a craft room that looks like this:

4 thoughts on “Omg! I’ve spotted the extremely rare “Sunday evening post”!

  1. I totally understand your frustration with the Etsy photography. I actually dread listing things because of it, and I like photography!! It seems like my pictures never look good enough. I don’t want to make a lightbox. I don’t want to look like everyone else, so lately, I’ve been dressing up my trees in the front yard to show off the scarves. I haven’t decided what to do with my new jewelry. The helpful hints don’t seem so helpful….The only thing I’ve learned so far is to find and use the macro and white balance settings on my camera. Also, an adjustable desk lamp seems to help with the lighting.
    I guess we’ll just keep trying, right? At least your coasters are awesomely gorgeous!


    • Thanks! Yeah, I know that we need to keep trying to improve, but sometimes it’s exhausting! Glad to know I’m not the only one in the “omg sometimes I hate taking pics” boat though. 😛


  2. I spend so long trying to get my photography right too, and I don’t use either a light-box or fotofuze 😉

    I think the layout with the coasters sticking out at angles is more interesting & eye-catching than the other. The final picture, in my opinion, is definitely the best!


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