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Oh hello there!

Hey all! Guess what? I’m not dead!!

Maybe they'll stick past April this year?

Maybe they’ll stick past April this year?

Anyway, jumping right back in, I wanted to share some of my “New Year’s resolutions” with y’all. I figure if I put them down on paper, or out into the interwebs as the case may be, it’ll be much easier to stick to them. I’m not usually much for making concrete resolutions; I find most of them cliche. But anyway, here goes.

For myself:
1) Go to the gym, at least three times a week.
This was my resolution last year, too. I stayed with it for the first month or so, but I was also working two jobs and trying to get an Etsy shop established. I’m not sure I’ll reach my weight goals, but I’ve decided that I’m not going to worry about that. My father, in his not so tactful but truthful way, says “there is room in this world for healthy fat people, too”. I don’t think I’m fat, but I’m not exactly super model material either. But my mother is right, and going to the gym will make my life easier, and my pain less. So alright, I’ll go. And I’ll say I’ll go three times a week, but who knows. Maybe, maybe not.

And they aren't even the fun kind.

And they aren’t even the fun kind.

2) Take all of my pills, every day.
So far so good. This is another step in making my life easier. And maybe it’ll help me get the weight off, too. My thyroid is, well, nonexistant, so in order to make my metabolism even close to normal I have to take all these pills. All of them. Ugh. There are a lot; when I go out of town I carry three pill cases with me, the ones that are divided up into days.

3) Find some new doctors.
My primary is an idiot. My rheumatologist and my endocrinologist, plus every neurologist I’ve seen in the past two years, never really listen to me. I told my rheumatologist that I was in too much pain and too exhausted to even think about having bloodwork done, that if all I had energy for was work (which makes it possible for me to go to the doctor’s, by the way), that was all I was going to do. Bloodwork is exhausting. Most of the time it ruins any chance of me doing anything else that day. Plus, she gives me my bloodwork orders. Who gives the orders to a patient? I can guarantee that in a month I will have no idea where that stupid paper is. So I won’t go in for my bloodwork, because she makes it too damn hard for me. My endocrinologist is no help; he just tells me to talk to my rheumatologist, who passes me off to my (non-existant) dermatologist unless I ask for pills. She’s more than willing to give me more pills. And do you think any of them care that I’ve had a headache every day for a year and a half? Nope. Ok, I’m done ranting. But honestly, I need to get rid of these damn people. Someone out there has to actually listen and care.

I think I’ll stop with the personal resolutions for tonight, and leave the business ones until tomorrow. That way you all don’t end up with a wall of text, and I have something to write about tomorrow! Have a good Friday all, don’t drink too much! 🙂

Don't be that guy.

Don’t be that guy.


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