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Resolutions, part deux

Yes, this exists.

No, I don’t speak whatever language that is. I think it’s French maybe? The only foreign language I speak is Spanish, and I’m terrible at it. In fact, the only thing I remember how to say is “I like to dance in the bathroom with the chicken”. There aren’t a whole lot of uses for that.

Anyway, now that I’ve got that out of my system… I promised you business resolutions, and yes, I suck at keeping to deadlines, but better late than never I guess? So here we go…

SAM_01121) Open a second shop.
*Technically I already did this. And here it is. There isn’t much there so far, but I’m working on moving my non-knitted listings from the original shop to the new one. I’m waiting until they expire, because I don’t want to be out $.20 (as little as that is). And I did buy enough tiles to make 25 new sets of coasters recently, so I’ll be making those soon. I figure it’ll be slow going, but I’ve got a Facebook page for it and I’ve started promoting it a bit, so hopefully my current fans and friends will just naturally migrate.

2) Start a newsletter.
*I honestly just came up with this while I was sitting here writing this. I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while, but for some reason I never came up with a plan for it. Honestly, I’m not sure anyone will be interested. I figure I’ll get convos out to all my current customers asking if they’d like to receive it, and go from there. I would LOVE to hear from anyone who has done this before, or from someone who has some pointers for me. I suppose I could always just go to the forums, but there’s an awful lot of angry people there as of late.

3) Blog on a regular basis, at least three times a week.
*I’d like to have a schedule for this, but I’m terrible at schedules. I think it has something to do with the inordinate amount of freedom I get from working at home, but I can’t keep to anything. I tell myself, ok, I’m going to do some promoting for an hour in the morning, and then I get caught up in those forums and I lose three hours. But I’d really like to start blogging on a regular basis again.

4) For that matter, stick to a schedule.
*Yeah, I know what I just said. But these are resolutions, right? And they’re supposed to be things we want to improve on, right? So yeah, I’d really like to stick to a schedule. It was easy when I had two jobs and one of them was in front of a computer; I could just do my computer work while I was, well, at work. But now I’m home all day long and aside from going to work at night, I don’t really have a set direction. I kind of just do what I want, when I want to do it. Which is nice, don’t get me wrong, but it’s no way to run a business. So I need to set aside a little bit of time to peruse the forums, to post in my teams, to check the BNS that I run, and to create. Because I spend far too little time actually creating these days. I’m so sick of these darn (hardy har har) socks, and I’ve still got 20 something pairs left to make. Ugh! But they, along with the fingerless gloves, are my best sellers, so I’ll stick with it as much as I can.

Ok, that’s it for now. But while you’re here, go check out Fresh Eggs Daily. Lisa did an amazing review of my gloves, and she’s helping me with my very first giveaway! And let me know if you have any business resolutions, and how you plan to keep them. I’m not doing so great with the personal resolutions… Ok, I’m sucking the big one at keeping them. So I need a bit of advice on how to stick with these, at least. Anyway, happy Friday everyone!


4 thoughts on “Resolutions, part deux

  1. Me gusta bailar en la bano con el pollo, tambien! He he, just kidding. My youngest and I are learning Spanish this year, so I wanted to try it out. Nevermind that I have no idea how to punctuate Spanish sentences correctly on the computer!

    Ok—back to business resolutions. I don’t have any, because I don’t have a business. (I have been thinking about re-opening my Etsy shop, but that’s later.) I do have some goals for my homestead, though, and those goals will definitely affect my blog, which I’m hopefully will eventually become an lead-in to a work-from-home type of job once I’m finished homeschooling. I blogged a bit about my goals in the past two weeks.

    Meg, both of your shops are wonderful, and I have entered your giveaway for those heavenly wrist warmers. Love your coasters too! I’m following you on FB as a result of that giveaway, and that’s how I found this post.

    If you don’t already know, I’m picking up Fresh Eggs Daily’s Farm Girl Friday Blog Fest, which is live now on my blog. I’d love if you came over and shared there!

    ~Kristi @Let This Mind Be in You


  2. That Friday dance is cracking me up right now!
    I started to do the newsletter thing…And then I got sidetracked. Maybe I should make that one of my goals for this year too.
    Happy Friday,
    Visiting today from Blogging Buddies


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