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To work, or not to work…

Turns out I don’t even get a choice in the matter. I was scheduled to work tonight, but because we got an itty bitty amount of snow (I’m talking an inch, maybe), I got called off. Damn restaurants and their common sense, not to mention lack of customers. I need to work!

Ok, I guess I don’t really need to work. I sold these fingerless gloves last night, so I should probably finish them up. Then I have a pair of socks that’s only halfway done that I can work on, and of course there are always coasters to make. I also found a pattern for little felt hearts that you can put treats and stuff in, so I want to make those eventually (hopefully before Valentine’s Day, but you know how I am about schedules). So I guess this works out alright.

Anyway, I finished these two sets of coasters last night, so my second shop has a bit more inventory in it. And that’s all I have to say right now. So enjoy the coasters, and don’t freeze to death in this terrible snow storm we’re having (total sarcasm)!


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