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I’m just not that into you…

And by you I mean this blog. I’m having trouble writing right now. Frankly, I’m having trouble being creative period. Maybe it’s a function of having to make the same thing, over and over and over (I’ve made at least 20 pairs of these fingerless gloves in the last few weeks, with nothing else to break up the boredom). Maybe it’s just that I’m not really a creative person. Whatever it is, I think I have a bit of burnout going on.

But I know that I want to continue blogging. I want to share my thoughts with someone other than my boyfriend, and my cat doesn’t count. I want my voice to be heard, on a variety of topics and by a variety of people. So I need to get over this “blah” period. How do I do that?

ImageI could spend a large amount of time surfing the internet. But, I seem to have an extremely short attention span so that doesn’t work. I can watch a 30-second cat video, but anything longer than that and I get bored usually. So anything I look at or watch or read needs to be short, to the point, and have a little humor to it or it’s going to lose me.

I could browse Facebook for ideas. But that’s like needle in a haystack territory. Not that my friends aren’t interesting; for the most part they are. But most of the Facebook posts lately are “omg it’s cold out” or “hey look it’s snowing” or “I hate/love Obama/Richard Sherman/everything. Not a whole lot of inspiration there (although I could talk about Richard Sherman; he’s fascinating).

And then there’s Pinterest. I love Pinterest. There really isn’t a lot to not love about Pinterest. Usually quick, easy info, and it’s relatively simple to find things you’re interested in. I could, and have, spent hours just “wandering” around on there. When I need an idea for a new product, more often than not I can find the necessary inspiration on Pinterest. So, here we go, off to the old standby.

I’ve created a new board, just for blogging and business inspiration. Because there are apparently a lot of people just like me, who occasionally run into the same creative brick wall that I find myself up against. There are massive amount of posts on beating blogging-block, and on types of posts to fight burnout. I can’t possibly read them all, but you may see me using a few of these tactics in the near future. And while I do find Pinterest to be the most useful tool for me, I am more than open to suggestions.

So I ask all of you, my readers… How do you get over your creative blocks? I’d love to hear your stories. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get my inspiration from you.


4 thoughts on “I’m just not that into you…

  1. I agree. Pinterest is a great source of ideas for everything! If not for being sick all the time, I wouldn’t have a darn thing to write about. I try to make it funny most of the time, but I really write so I can remember what happened when. It’s kind of like a medical journal, I guess. In my case, writer’s block would be a good thing. I have infographics set up to automatically post once or twice a week to keep my blog updated while I’m sick and can’t write.


    • I’m sorry you’re sick all the time, although I can definitely sympathize, and I’m glad you’ve found a way to work around it! I try not to dwell on my illnesses as they tend to make me angry and bitter, lol. But maybe some well thought out venting would do me good!


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