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The best Super Bowl ad ever???

I’m unlike most girls in that I love football. I’m even unlike most guys, in that I know a lot about football. I have an insane memory, and can tell you not only who plays for what team and what position they play, but what year they were drafted, in what round, and from what school. Not for every player, but a lot of them.

But like any red-blooded American, my favorite thing about the Super Bowl is always the ads. There is something inherently exciting about seeing something you’ve never seen before. There’s the always present Budweiser ads (this one is actually my favorite from last year):

And the empowering, moving Chrysler commercials (Bob Dylan can speak words!!!):

But this year, my favorite by far was this little gem:

I hate, HATE McDonald’s on principle, so I don’t like to promote anything that has even a little bit to do with them. But I looooove the Bad Lip Reading videos, so I feel like I’m promoting them as opposed to a morally bankrupt, unhealthy fast food company. These guys are seriously hilarious. If I ever need a laugh, I can always count on one of their videos to brighten my day. Take their version of Game of Thrones:

I mean, really? How can you watch that video and not almost die from laughter?

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. Enjoy the videos, and make sure to go visit the guys at Bad Lip Reading on Facebook and/or Tumblr and show them some love.


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