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Oops, my bad.

I meant to post yesterday. I really did. It wasn’t going to be all that impressive, but it was still going to be something.


This is NOT a Lil Wayne quote…

But I ran out of time. I made a pair of fingerless gloves, took pictures of six items for my shop, and drank a lot of coffee. Oh, and I watched figure skating. Then I tried my best to look like a hooker for work, but I failed miserably at that too.

In fact, my boss told me I looked like a “church hooker”. I’m not sure what that means, partially because I don’t go to church, but I guess I’ll have to try harder tonight. It’s been proven, by me and my extensive experience, that servers make way more money when they dress slutty. I think where I went wrong was with the fake eyelashes; I just could not get them to stick. I worked at them for about 20 minutes before I finally gave up.

Anyway… I meant to post yesterday, just as I meant to edit all those pictures, but I got neither of those things done. I feel terribly behind my goals, but I finally got the edits done this morning. Everything is posted, so all the items in this post are up for sale. And without further ado….. Here they are!

Baltic Heather boot cuffs

Baltic Heather boot cuffs

Lady Slipper boot cuffs

Lady Slipper boot cuffs

Beige fingerless gloves

Beige fingerless gloves

Mustard fingerless gloves

Mustard fingerless gloves

Red tweed fingerless gloves

Red tweed fingerless gloves

The other item is a pair of yoga socks that I relisted. I did get to use my new tripod, which works amazingly well. It’s a bit hard to take pics of fingerless gloves on my own, but it’s totally doable.

So there’s my intended post from yesterday. Like I said, not real impressive, but there it is just the same. And with that done, now it’s back to work! Happy Saturday everyone!

Saturdays are made of yarn



6 thoughts on “Oops, my bad.

  1. Beautiful new items! Just like Rachel, i’m also in to the pink Lady Slipper boot cuffs.
    I’ve never tried putting on fake eyelashes, so i can only imagine… And i imagine it must be just as difficult as it is to draw totally symmetric eyeliner lines. :))


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